Information Extraction from Hand-marked Industrial Inspection Sheets

Worked with the guidence of Dr. Lovekesh Vig, this project aims to make a novel pipeline to build an information extraction system for machine inspection sheets. Read More

Siamese Network for Chromosome Classification

Worked with the guidence of Dr. Lovekesh Vig, this project aims to help Karyotyping by chromosome straightnening and classificatiom. Two straightening method and an efficient classification technique has been studied. Read More

Indoor Localisation and Navigation on Augmented Reality Devices

This project is a novel indoor mapping and localisation approach for Augmented Reality devices that exploits the fusion of inertial sensors with visual odometry. We have demonstrated the approach using Google Glass and Google Cardboard supported with an Android phone. Read More

An AR Inspection Framework: Feasibility Study with Multiple AR Devices

It is an Augmented Reality (AR) based re-configurable framework for inspection that can be utilized in cross-domain applications such as maintenance and repair assistance in industrial inspection, health sector to record vitals, and automotive/avionics domain inspection, amongst others. Read More

Head Motion Tracking using Marker

The marker tracking method for forehead motion analysis is non invasive approach for behavior modeling and hence can be used in Video analytics and Medical Diagnosis for Nuero-development disorders. Read More

Multiple Target Tracking

This was my BTech project which was completed with the guidance of Dr. Sumohana Channappayya. It aims to track multiple objects from aerial view. Read More